506 Variant Also Negotiates

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This error applies to an experimental technology, Transparent Content Negotiation (RFC 2295). This relates to enabling variations of content enabled on a wide-range of HTTP clients.

This error response indicates an internal configuration error. The configuration error applies to when a variant select is configured to engage in content negotiation, which means it’s not an appropriate end selection.

There is no troubleshooting for this is issue. If the error persists, contact the appropriate server support.

The HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 506 Variant Also Negotiates response status code may be given in the context of Transparent Content Negotiation (see RFC 2295). This protocol enables a client to retrieve the best variant of a given resource, where the server supports multiple variants.

The Variant Also Negotiates status code indicates an internal server configuration error in which the chosen variant is itself configured to engage in content negotiation, so is not a proper negotiation endpoint.


506 Variant Also Negotiates


RFC 2295, section 8.1: 506 Variant Also NegotiatesTransparent Content Negotiation in HTTP