304 Not Modified

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This response code notifies the recipient that the request resources has not changed.

This response is in reference to cached resources and returns when the GET or HEAD method is used.

This response is typically associated and most commonly seen with developer tools.

If a user is unexpectedly seeing this message please confirm the details of your request. If the message inappropriately persists then contact server support for further help.

The HTTP 304 Not Modified client redirection response code indicates that there is no need to retransmit the requested resources. It is an implicit redirection to a cached resource. This happens when the request method is a safe method, such as GET or HEAD, or when the request is conditional and uses an If-None-Match or an If-Modified-Since header.

The equivalent 200 OK response would have included the headers Cache-ControlContent-LocationDateETagExpires, and Vary.

Note: Many developer tools’ network panels of browsers create extraneous requests leading to 304 responses, so that access to the local cache is visible to developers.


304 Not Modified


Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP/1.1): Conditional Requests
# status.304