422 Unprocessable Entity

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This error response indicates the server cannot process the instructions of the request. This error specifically occurs when it recognizes the type of content and the syntax is correct.

*Critical Note: The client should not resubmit the request without modifying it first.

This error usually occurs due to semantic errors in the instructions. However, this error can occur due to corrupted database tables.

If this error occurs contact server support for further help.

The HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 422 Unprocessable Entity response status code indicates that the server understands the content type of the request entity, and the syntax of the request entity is correct, but it was unable to process the contained instructions.



422 Unprocessable Entity


RFC 4918, section 11.2: 422 Unprocessable EntityHTTP Extensions for Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV)