The benefits of using our Script 

We’re no strangers to browser extension development and the problems that users face when browsing the internet. One of the biggest hassles for the average person online is needing help understanding website errors and how to fix them, from HTTP Errors to PHP Errors. The average person needs to learn what is going on. This is where we step in. Our script allows you to provide a service to your users. Any time a user comes across DNS or HTTP Errors, we can provide them with an alternate option and educate them on what the errors mean. 

The best thing about it is it’s free! 

Our goal with our Script and Licensing is to provide a better browsing experience and help extension developers to give more to their users. 

Join us in trying to fix the internet and help the world by providing normal users with a resource that can save them time and money.  

Benefits of using Script 

  1. Easy Integration: Our script is designed to integrate easily into most extensions and can be used with any web-based browser extension. 
  2. It’s Free: Our script is available to use at no cost to you or your users. 
  3. Provide More to your users: Our script allows you to give your users more. It helps them understand the internet and provides them with more features. It’s a win-win. 
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